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Happy Hounds Dog Spa is situated in Retford overlooking the Chesterfield Canal, offering a range of services and grooming on a 121 basis using top quality all-natural products. Being not only a fully qualified Dog Groomer but also having a degree in behaviour and training and experience working with and rehabilitating rescue dogs I have an understanding of nervous and anxious dogs as well as the skills needed to help them overcome their fears and become accepting of the grooming process. Not only do I hold the above qualifications but I am also pet first aid trained and fully insured so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your dog will receive the best treatment.


Our Services

We provide high quality grooming services in a hygienic, safe, modern salon. This is done on a 1-2-1 basis using top quality natural products.

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    Puppy Introduction

    This service is perfect for dogs under 6 months old and gives them a nice introduction to grooming that isn’t overwhelming. First your puppy will be bathed with one of our gentle, all natural shampoos and then dried using our fluff drier while being brushed. After this your puppy will get lightly trimmed around the eyes, feet and hygiene area as well as getting their nails trimmed. When finished we will pop on a bow or bandana and have lots of cuddles before home time. From


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    Bath and Blow Dry

    This is ideal for dogs that need freshening up between regular grooms or for short coated dogs. Your dog will be bathed in one of our natural shampoos which will be picked based on your dog’s individual needs before being blow dried. Long coated dogs will be brushed during the drying process. Price varies based on size and coat.

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    Full Groom

    This is suitable for all dogs mainly from 6 months of age. Each dog will get a full body trim to the owner’s specifications (coat condition permitting). Included in this is a bath and blow dry, full brush out, hygiene trim, ear clean and a nail trim. If your dog is excessively matted then they will have to be clipped off and further charges will apply. All dogs will be finished off with a bow or bandana. Price varies depending on breed/size/coat type.

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    Mini Groom

    Suitable for all dogs aged over 6 months of age. Perfect for in-between full grooms, a wash with a natural shampoo designed specifically to your dog’s requirements, followed by a blow dry, brush and hair trimmed on feet & face. Price will be £10 less than full groom price.

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    Hand Stripping is a specialised service and is for wire haired or silky coated breeds. By doing this instead of clipping it will help keep the coat looking and feeling its best. When clipping these breeds it damages the coat and will dull the colour. If your dog has been previously clipped this technique is not always possible as the coat has already been damaged however you can sometimes get away with one clip. Handstripping involves pulling the dead coat out by hand and so takes longer than clipping and therefore costs more. Included in this is full handstripping of the coat, bath, blow dry, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and a bow or bandana to take home. Price for this service is per hour.


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    Nail Clipping

    If your dog isn’t regularly walked on hard surfaces or has got older and so doesn’t walk as far it is important to have their nails trimmed regularly. When a dog’s nails get too long it can cause extra stress on their joints as it changes their posture, there is also the possibility of nails curling into the dog’s paw pads which can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. No appointment is required although a message before is much appreciated.


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    Ear Cleaning

    Keeping your dog’s ears clean is important as they can get full of hair, dirt and other bacteria which can cause them to become infected. For this reason it is important to clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis.


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    Assistance Dog Groom

    At Happy Hounds we feel that even assistance dogs deserve to be pampered and to keep them looking and feeling their best. For this reason we groom them at a lower price while still giving them the top class treatment they deserve.


Happy Hounds Dog Spa Team

Meet the team that keeps the salon running smoothly and your dogs pampered and happy.


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Terms and Conditions

We always do everything we possibly can to make sure you pet’s time in the salon is as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, occasionally grooming can expose a previously hidden medical issue, or aggravate a current one. This can happen during or after grooming.

It is possible that an accident could occur during grooming. Upmost care and caution will always be taken, but cuts, scratches, nicks and quicking of nails could occur. Happy Hounds Dog Spa will not be responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming.

Happy Hounds Dog Spa will not be responsible for accidental death of the pet as a result of any pre-existing health condition.

Should Happy Hounds Dog Spa determine, at it’s sole discretion, that urgent veterinary care is required, I agree to pay all associated fees and costs. If my pet’s vet is not available, I authorise Happy Hounds Dog Spa to use its chosen vet. Happy Hounds Dog Spa will not be liable for any after-grooming effects of de-matting, clipping or brushing procedures, or problems uncovered on a badly matted or otherwise neglected coat including, but not limited to, skin redness, itchiness, or self-inflicted irritations from excessive external scratching or rubbing. Time and costs associated with de-matting are unpredictable. I agree to pay whatever fees are incurred as a result of de-matting. Whether a dog is matted is at the sole discretion of Happy Hounds Dog Spa.

I agree that I have truthfully informed Happy Hounds Dog Spa if my pet has ever bitten another animal or a human, or if they have any other aggressive tendencies. I agree and understand that I will be held solely responsible for any injury, harm or damage to property caused by my pet.

Happy Hounds Dog Spa reserves the right to refuse to groom a pet in an unsatisfactory state, including, but not limited to, behavioural issues, fleas, ticks, other parasites or kennel cough.

Happy Hounds Dog Spa operates a strict policy on missed appointments and I agree to that if I need to change an appointment I will notify Happy Hounds Dog Spa no less than 48 hours before the booked appointment. If insufficient notice is given, I agree to pay 50% of the estimated grooming charges. 100% of the grooming charges would be required to be paid if you fail to show to an appointment without notice. If appointments are missed on a regular basis, pre-payment will be required in full upon booking. If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment it will be considered a no show and you will have to pay for your appointment in full before rebooking. Dogs are to be collected promptly once finished unless pre arrangements have been made with us. Failure to collect your dog within half an hour of being notified they are ready for pick up will result in an added charge.

I hereby confirm that I understand and agree to all points stated above.